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Featured ProductsWhat we have?

Online / Cloud Learning

  • Learning School curriculum through Online is our present and our
    future trend.
  • Flexibility of learning, engaging visual content, can make the
    students learning experience more meaningful and benefits them in
    many ways than a classroom.
  • Wings2Schools have extensively designed and developed the study
    materials and strictly followed the latest patterns of Continuous and
    Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE).

Offline Learning

  • Enjoy Seamless offline access to our Entire Courses Library & Practice
    test without any internet connection in the school campus.
  • Though it does not include all our content or features and is not
    as robust as our full site, but it still serves the purpose of giving students
    access to high-quality content whenever they need it.

Mobile Learning

  • Our Smart Mobile Apps are simple, fast and helps the students to have engaging
    learning material onthe go. Power of Mobile Learning is learning anywhere,
    anytime and in any device.
  • Parent's involvement in their children's learning is important, even busy parents
    can be well informed. So it just makes sense to put your school and parent group on
    the mobile app as well.
  • Our school mobile apps offer exceptional value but we give it for FREE!

Smart Class Learning

21st Century Classroom Devices
  • Wings2Schools produces blended-learning teaching resources in the form of hardware, software
    and e-learning curriculum that are used by schools, colleges, universities.
  • Our extensive electronics teaching resources gives a unique blended-learning approach.
    It helps students a smart learning experience with stimulating and energizing classroom

Salient FeaturesHow we have done?

High Quality
100% Syllabus Covered
Smart Learning Management System
Robust School Management System

+20 more features.....

SolutionsOur 4 offerings to every school

Mobile AppsMobile learning is one of the emerging trends in 21st century education.

Schools are beginning to realize the power of tablets and education apps for effective learning.

Aesthetic GUI

The most beautiful and stunning Mobile UI Design is right here, where we present professionally designed stunning menus, buttons and other UI elements for best User experience.

Smart Features

We have spent more time in creating unique features to provide every user a personalized & Interactive learning experience. our Smart Features will improve the user's productivity and shall get the same experience across all your devices, it's really easy to switch from one device to another.

Dashboard - Reports

Our Dashboards represents the user learning reports in charts and graphs. All the reports are Real-Time Data keeps you up-to-date with the latest learning activities. Users can retrive bookmarked lessons and also pick up from the lesson, right where you last left off.

Streaming Friendly Videos

Video streaming is the Key for any education app. we video lessons are carefully produced for streaming friendly videos with HD Quality. we have also given preferences to choose the quality of the video based on your network signal strength.

Need a group / bulk license for your school or institution?